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' Inner ' and ' Outer ' Care , Qi Replenishment , and Heavenly Alleviation . KIMISOI's Five Elemental Cleansing Cream is totally different from conventional cleansing creams, as it reimburses and adjusts your skin , at the same time , making your skin feel more comfortable and giving your skin the nutrition it needs . Using natural healing methods , the Five Elemental Cleansing Cream will be absorbed by your skin in a flash . KIMISOI also uses 3 state-of-the-art techniques to reduce signs of aging , retain optimum temperature of the skin, bestow more flexibility to the skin , improve circulation and excreting foul substances in your skin . Adding in rare ingredients into the Five Elemental Cleansing Cream further boosts its ability to clear waster excreted by epithelia easier and retaining the cleanliness of the skin .
The softest and finest foams of the Five Elemental Cleansing Cream are able to cleanse your pores and free your pores from clumps of dirt and sebum , while making your skin soft and silky.Targeting the main causes of acne , aiding in cleansing of clogged pores , and aiding in protection and reduction of formation of acnes , all to shield and protect your skin.


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KIMISOI – The Five Elementals Series, The Best Choice For Pregnant Women
I’m a mother of one and currently pregnant with a baby due October. I would like to share my personal experience with all the other mothers out there. I used Kimisoi before and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, problems like freckles, hyperpigmentation, acne and blackheads will appear due to the dryness of our skin. Our skin needs to be hydrated too so we have to make sure not to take it lightly. I had freckles during pregnancy because my skin was too dry, but now my skin glows. I am the living proof of all the wonderful effects from using Kimisoi, I welcome all the other mothers out there to join me! — KIWI

¡¾The Five Elementals Series¡¿
their skin carefully. Your skin will be hydrated safely using these products without hormone distruptors.‘Women are made of water’, so we must prioritise the quality of the products that we use. — Someone famous


¡¾The Five Elementals Series¡¿
Being someone masculine, I’ve never liked to apply anything on my face. I would try to put on some moisturizer on my dry skin and it would still dry out my skin quickly. Ever since using Kimisoi products, my temper gradually becomes as gentle as my skin. Just answer this question: Who doesn’t want a glowing skin? — Someone famous

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Every morning / night , wet your palms and retrieve 2 scoops of rich foam , Five Elemental Cleansing Cream must have abundance of foams .
After foams appear, gently apply Five Elemental Cleansing Cream to your skin from your forehead.
From your forehead , use both hand to apply Five Elemental Cleansing Cream in two circles in an outward manner , apply another 2 circles to your cheeks , apply the Five Elemental Cleansing Cream to your nose bridge ( from base of nose to tip of nose ) and from the base of your nose to the section between your eyebrows . If you pout, a T-shaped region will appear , apply some Five Elemental Cleansing Cream. Apply gently on the T-shaped region if acne is present.
Use warm water to rinse your face gently.

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