About - Kate Chng

KATE CHNG, 27 years of age, comes from Pontian, Johor, Malaysia, is currently the president of KIMISOI's East Asia Branch.

Being sensible, 14-year-old Kate started taking up part-time jobs while studying, and due to her interest and passion in hairdressing, she stepped into the hairdressing line and spent half a year studying in a hairdressing academy. She started to gain knowledge regarding entrepreneurship and thus set a goal of starting her own business. Finally, at the age of 17, Kate relied on her own abilities to open her first hairdressing academy. At the age of 22, Kate possesses 4 hairdressing academies.

At the age of 23, due to side effects of hairdressing chemicals and stress, her skin conditions were worsening by the second , especially her abundance of acne . As beauty is in the blood of women, skincare problems are very troublesome problems to her. Facing this type of pressure, Kate decided to pass on her hairdressing business to someone else. After ending her hairdressing career, Kate rested for a year.

In the period of 1 year , Kate searched for ways to treat her acne , she tried everything , from medical costomeology procedures ( i.e. laser , PRP serum , ' skin changing' ) to consuming eastern and western medicines , but her skin conditions were not improving at all and continues to worsen day by day . She was devastated knowing what she had become, her heart and body was scarred, under these circumstances, she dare not face anyone. After quite some time, Kate saw an advertisement of KIMISOI’s herbal products by chance. She thought to herself trying one more product wouldn’t hurt , with this mindset , she tried one of KIMISOI’s mask . After using the mask , she was quite amazed with the results it yielded . With time , KIMISOI launched cleansing creams , ginseng gel mask , macaroon , faerie series and many more products , all of which she tried .

In the short course of half a year , he skin was totally rejuvenated . Kate was then filled with confidence. Other than that , she also gained enough confidence to start a whole new business journey , resulting in more memorable breakthroughs in her life . At the end of 2014 , Kate officially branched KIMISOI into Malaysia till this day , and set up the first KIMISOI branch company in Malaysia . In May of 2015 , Kate had some discussions , and came to a conclusion where the East Asia branches of KIMISOI is to be transferred to Kate . Reaching the present , KIMISOI spans over Singapore , Australia and even Malaysia .
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