About Kimisoi


About Kimisoi

Founder of Ancient FIve Elemental Recipe, Miss Kimisoi passed the recipe worth years of research to her nephew, Director Li Xiangdong. And thus came the legendary KIMISOI self-made five elemental skincare brand.

Kimisoi (1931 - 2012)

Kimisoi learnt fengshui from her father since young. Her father was a famous personality in Dajeon that was once requested audience by many people. At the age of 19, Kimisoi had learnt the arts of herb-making and the principle of Korean skincare. At the same time, Kimisoi had constantly studied and researched about the knowledge about life principles, fengshui, and the five elements her father once taught her.

1957 , 26-year-old Kimisoi created the Five Elemental Skincare Recipe, according to the nutritional needs of the human body, the ingredients of the recipe can be divided into 5 major categories : metal, earth, wood, water and fire. In years to come, Kimisoi constantly used the recipe she created to help her neighbours, family and friends concerning issues with their skin.

Kimisoi remained single till death in 2012, she passed on her recipe to her nephew, Director Li Xiangdong. In order to commemorate Miss Kimisoi, Miss Kimisoi's brainchild was transformed into KIMISOI's brand's image.

Originated from Souh Korea, KIMISOI came into the Chinese market in 2014, bearing the name of the Five Elemental Crystal Essence Ancient Formula. The unique recipes of KIMISOI received overnight fame on its baby steps in the Chinese market.


AEKYUNG, Korea's first Japanese Cosmetic Brand. Founded in 1950, is a business of integrity, after 50 years of business, became Korea's largest Japanese Cosmetic Product listed company, Korea's Elite Cosmetic Business, and have connections worldwide.

Having 23 sub companies and 200 plus products since 2013, AEKYUNG has become an integrated international business, its business also includes: entertainment, coating, chemical engineering, packaging, printing, etc.

Welcoming 2017 with a whole new market and a whole new system of KIMISOI.


Just arrived at Beijing, KIMISOI and Korea authorities signed documents to officially cooperate.

In 2017, KIMISOI has officially subbed a company ( KMS ) based in Johor, Malaysia. Very grateful for the assurance KMISOI gave us, this trip has given us valuable insight from the headquarters.


New system, new brand, must be accompanied by people with good attitude and kind hearts!


Want to be gorgeous? Want to be confident? Want to start a business?

KIMISOI will grant your wishes! Be your own queen. New system, new brand, must be accompanied by people with good attitude, kind hearts that work hard together! KIMISOI only imports authentic products! Let's do this, ladies!


KIMISOI's every word and action is facilitated by international authorities.


Strict selection standard includes: the product's influential power, globalization power, purchasing power, activeness and ten other tests. KIMISOI's every word and action is facilitated by international authorities, KIMISOI’s every product must also pass strict and repetitive international tests to be able to launch. KIMISOI, being a new product of 2 years age, and still achieving so much glory, is all thanks to efforts of agents in Asia and the constant love and support of KIMISOI's loyal fans.

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