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Using mostly ' wood ' in the five elemental recipe : white mulberry root-bark , arbutin , Atractylodes Macrocephala , and many more's extract , to promote ' Inner ' and ' Outer ' Care , Qi Replenishment and Heavenly Alleviation.
This combination of five elemental recipe gives of a real thin yet relaxing feeling . Able to dive into the deepest layers of your skin , and having superb water retaining abilities , Five Elemental Herbal Snow Mask brightens your skin in a flash , while making your skin white , bright and full of elasticity . At the same time , these herbs can reduce the tight feeling in your skin , making your skin feel silky soft . And while Five Elemental Herbal Snow Mask is able to reach the deepest layers of your skin with quick speeds , it doesn’t affect the density of any cells , effectively controls the activity of monophenolase 's activity , prevents formation , and binds with the monophenolase produce in the users body to accelerate the excretion and breakdown of black pigments.
From there onwards, the skin's colour is lightened , and acnes are also reduced . Five Elemental Herbal Snow Mask is quite thin, but apply the mask once or twice a week is more than enough to repair damaged skin , and promote natural whitening , making your dark skin glow with whiteness once again.

Customer Reviews
KIMISOI – The Five Elementals Series, The Best Choice For Pregnant Women
I’m a mother of one and currently pregnant with a baby due October. I would like to share my personal experience with all the other mothers out there. I used Kimisoi before and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, problems like freckles, hyperpigmentation, acne and blackheads will appear due to the dryness of our skin. Our skin needs to be hydrated too so we have to make sure not to take it lightly. I had freckles during pregnancy because my skin was too dry, but now my skin glows. I am the living proof of all the wonderful effects from using Kimisoi, I welcome all the other mothers out there to join me! — KIWI

¡¾The Five Elementals Series¡¿
their skin carefully. Your skin will be hydrated safely using these products without hormone distruptors.‘Women are made of water’, so we must prioritise the quality of the products that we use. — Someone famous

¡¾The Five Elementals Series¡¿
Being someone masculine, I’ve never liked to apply anything on my face. I would try to put on some moisturizer on my dry skin and it would still dry out my skin quickly. Ever since using Kimisoi products, my temper gradually becomes as gentle as my skin. Just answer this question: Who doesn’t want a glowing skin? — Someone famous

Effects of Product

Why Choose KIMISOI Five Elementals Snow Skin Mask


Open up your packet of Five Elemental Herbal Snow Mask, place the mask on your face.

Adjust the position of the mask , wait for 15-20 minutes , let your skin absorb the nutrients from the mask.

Remove the mask, gently rub your face to ensure full absorption of nutrients, then rinse with clean clear water(a special sponge and a cleansing mask is recommended).

* Five Elemental Herbal Snow Mask can't be worn for more than 20 minutes because if the mask is on your face for too long , it will dry up , resulting in the moisture that your face has absorbed from the mask to be reabsorbed by the mask , causing unwanted results ! * Essential Liquid in the packet can be stored in a small bottle to be used in future makeup sessions, your makeup will last longer!

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