About - Kate Chng

KATE CHNG, 32 years of age, comes from Pontian, Johor, Malaysia, is currently the president of KIMISOI's East Asia Branch.

The owner of KIMISOI SEA SDN. BHD. Smart and hardworking, she worked her way through secondary school. Starting from the age of 14 years old with strong interest and enthusiasm she stepped into the hair industry working as a partimer in the hair salon. Start from the beginning, she learned all the theory of the business, she dreamed of opening her own salon. Finally at the age of 17, she opened her very first hair salon. And when she reach the age of 22, she already own 4 hair salons.

At the age of 23, as a result of long exposure in the hairdressing industry, she contact many chemicals and facing stress, her skin’s condition and acne problem are getting worse. With her skin condition and facing lots of pressures she decided to give up all her hair salons. After ending her business, she rested for a year. During this period, she has been looking ways to cure her skin problem. She tried all sorts of ways, aesthetic treatments (Laser, PRP, AHA), TCM and western medicine but still no improvement seen and even getting worse. She became discouraged, getting hurt mentally and physically, she is also afraid to go out of the house and met people.

After all these ups and downs, she found KIMISOI – a plants and herbs based skin care brand, on the internet coincidentally. She tried the Snow Skin paper mask and found the results are good after the first try. And then KIMISOI rolled out their products one after another, Cleansing Cream, Ginseng Gel Mask, Macarons set, Recovery Toner, and Pretty Cream. And she also tried all of it. In half a year’s time, she saw a significant improvement of the skin condition, the acne problem is almost cured.

In addition, KIMISOI has gave her the confident to start a new business, which is a greater breakthrough for her. In late 2014, she officially introduced KIMISOI to Malaysia, and set up the first company in Malaysia. In May 2015, she decided to win the entire Southeast Asia market. And now, KIMISOI has it’s own distributors all over the whole Malaysia, Singapore, and even Australia.

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